Pool Finder

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Pool Finder Device

Long range Water Finder

1) ON the Device By ON- OFF Switch

2) Start the Device by pressing the start button on the keypad

3) The Device Works on 3 Languages ( German, English, French) Select your option by OK Button on the keypad.

4) After Selecting Language the range will appear on display you can select between (250M/500M/750M/1000M) For Example (Choose 1000M by pressing UP (or) DOWN buttons on the keypad.

5) Increase the receiving antenna length to get more signal strength

6) After Selecting the range, the search screen will appear Which will start the device will give beep sound

7) The user should position towards north while starting

8) Start the searching by holding the device

a) If the target is on the right side means the device will turn right side

b) If the target is on the left side means the device will turn left side

c) When you pass the target the device will turn to the back

d) Then you can stop & point the target 1M square

e) After Detecting the target confirm the target from each direction

f) To determine the depth of the target stand above the target and turn 45 degrees and walk straight a head until the device reverse to back

g) Messure the distance between the device turning back point to the starting point

h) Multiply the masuring distance into 10 For Example: The Distance between center point and the device turning point is 20feet than the depth will be 20 feet x 10 =200feet is the depth.

When you move on to the center point by closing the receiving antenna the device will rotates in the circular motion.

1) The Long Range System :

2) Handle

3) Receiving Antenna

4) Transmitting Antenna

5) Safety Box

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